Germany 2014

Carol and I traveled to Germany on September 27 through October 7, 2014.  Our primary purpose was to attend the funeral of our beloved Uncle Ernst Henn in Heidelberg. Heidelberg was where we lived for five years from 1972 - 1978 and where my parents, Otto and Herta were born. Ernst and Melitta Henn were like a second set of parents while we were there. It seemed fitting to make this last farewell at this time. While in Germany it also seemed fitting to visit places that we had previously seen and also many places not seen. The links below are to pages that give a look into what we did and saw each day of our short stay in Germany.

One of the highlights was to visit and become acquainted with cousins in Altenburg and Nürnberg that we had never met. We also made a quick trip to Dresden to see the completed Frauenkirche. On the way to Altenburg we stopped in Eisenach to see the Wartburg Castle. Our last day we visited Rothenburg o. d. Tauber.

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Day 1 - 09/27-28/14 - Travel from Seattle to Leimen (via Frankfurt)

Day 2 - 09/29/14 - Travel to Speyer, Bad Dürkheim and Worms

Day 3 - 09/30/14 - Uncle Ernst's Funeral

Day 4 - 10/01/14 - Travel from Leimen to Eisenach and Gleina (near Altenburg)

Day 5 - 10/02/14 - Travel to Dresden

Day 6 - 10/03/14 - Tour Altenburg - Meet Cousins

Day 7 - 10/04/14 - Travel to Nürnberg

Day 8 - 10/05/14 - Tour Nürnberg - Meet Cousin

Day 9 - 10/06/14 - Travel to Rothenburg and on to Wiesbaden