Germany 2014 - Day 7 - Nürnberg

We finish our pleasant three night stay at the Kertscher-Hof Hotel in Gleina.  A relatively short two hour+ drive to Fischbach (Nürnberg).  After checking into our Hotel Silberhorn we drove into the middle of Nürnberg.  It is Fall Festival (Herbst Fest) time and the Main Market Place (Hauptmarkplatz) is full of stalls selling goods and food and packed with people.  It is a holiday weekend (German Unification Day was yesterday) and the market and side pedestrian streets are packed.  We visited the small Frauenkirche (Catholic), St. Sebaldus Kirche (Protestant) and Lorenzkirche (Protestant) churches. Nürnberg has changed significantly since our last visit in 1976.  Very modern and much busier.  At dinner we found a restaurant in a cellar across from Lorenzkirche and experienced the Wienerschnitzel from heaven (see pic). for more information on Nürnberg: Wikipedia.  For more information on Lorenzkirche: Wikipedia. For more information on St. Sebaldus Kirche: Wikipedia. For more information on the Frauenkirche: Wikipedia.

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