Germany 2014 - Day 5 - Dresden

Today we traveled to Dresden.  In 2004 we visited this city and toured the cellar area of the nearly restored Frauenkirche.  This church was totally destroyed during WWII.  Restored church was opened agin to the public in 2005 and we wanted to return to see the completed reconstruction.  After a salad lunch across the street from the church we were able to go inside and view it.  The trip to and from Dresden on the autobahn was another high-speed drive.  We observed only one accident which of course added a huge backup.  We did a first-time almost total fill-up of the gas tank.  GULP!  Approximately 13 gallons for about $102!  After returning to the hotel we visited with Cousin Sylvia, her husband RenĂ©. We enjoyed a very generous Abend Essen of cold cuts, cheeses, veggies, fruit and beer and wine.  We were also joined by their son, Alex who came from Leipzig for the evening.  What a treat to meet new cousins.

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