Germany 2014 - Day 8 - Nürnberg

After a nice buffet breakfast we took off for Nürnberg again to attend church at Lorenzkirche.  We attended this church in 1976 during a visit to the Kristkindlmarkt. We will never forget how damp and cold it was during that service. We were very pleased with the worshipfulness of the service and with the fantastic organ music on the largest pipe organ (12,000+ pipes) in a Protestant Chuch in Germany. After the service we walked around the city again, stopping for a non-Starbucks and pastry, wandered through the market place. We then strayed from strictly German cooking and had lunch in an Italian Wine and Sandwich shop. After returning to the hotel we were picked up by cousin Silke and her husband and daughter, Lutz and Maxie. What a great family. We drove back into Nürnberg where they showed us the location of the Documentation Center. This location contains the history of what went on during the rule of Hitler. All students in this area are required to visit here to learn from and about what happened. This is also the location the the Stadium where Nazi rallies were held.  Today the Nürnberg Symphony is housed here as well.  We then drove past the old wall that surround the old city and then passed by the building where the Nürnberg Trials were held and the prisoners were housed.  We then drove to the village of Lauf.  It seems that this village has more restaurants than residents.  It is a very popular place for dining.  We ate at the Ratskellar where Silke and family are friends with the proprietors of the restaurant.  Again, another great German meal.  We stopped off at Silke's home, saw her ceramic art work which was amazing.  Had a nice glass of wine and said our goodbyes before Lutz took us back to our hotel.  For more information on the Documentation Center: Wikipedia.  For more information on the Nürnberg Trials: Wikipedia.

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