Germany 2014 - Day 6 - Altenburg

Our day in Altenburg began with meeting two more cousins, Uta and Edita at a restaurant on the Marktplatz. It was a joyous event made even more so when another cousin, Silke, who lives near Nürnberg, suprised us along with her mother. We enjoyed a couple of hours of getting to know each other. Edita then offered to give us a guided tour of Altenburg. Altenburg is a very old city crowned by an old castle. Edita pointed out several sites on the way to the castle. A minor disappointment was that the castle chapel was closed for renovation until next year. This chapel holds an organ once played by Bach who proclaimed it as one of the best organs he had played. We toured through the castle enjoying the many old stories of intrigue. We then continued on through the city, walking down the street where my great grandparents once lived. Then along the old wall, past the Red Towers that are the symbol of Altenburg and up and down narrow cobblestone streets. With regret we bid farewell to Edita. That night we had dinner with Sylvia and René, enjoying getting to know them a little better. All of these "new" cousins, whom I did not know existed three years ago, are on my grandmother's from my mother's side of the family.  For more information on Altenburg: Wikipedia

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