Germany - Day 4 - Eisenach

We began our day by traveling to Altenburg via Eisenach.  Boy do I love the German autobahn!  Except for frequent slow down for construction (50-80 km/hr) I REALLY enjoyed the 140-180 km/hr stretches.  In Eisenach we browsed the Marktplatz, dined on a delicious plate of Thuringer Bratwurst and Potato Salad.  Now I know where Mom learned how to make it!  We then went into the Luther Foundation house and bought a few things.  Wartburg Castle was next.  After parking the car we still had a long upward hike into the castle.  The castle has a long history highlighted by Martin Luther's 10 month stay where he translated the New Testament into German from the Greek.  We pulled into Gleina, a little farm village outside of Altenburg in the early evening.  We stayed at Kertcher-Hof Hotel, had dinner and went to bed. For more information on Eisenach: Wikipedia. For more information on the Wartburg Castle: Wikipedia.

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