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January 16, 2011 - 11 AM Service - Music in Worship

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For over five centuries the first reformed church, the Moravian Church, or Unitas Fratrum (Unity of Brethren), has proclaimed the gospel in all parts of the world. Moravians view all of life as an act of worship. Along with their rich devotional life and their missionary fervor, Moravians have a high regard for education and consider music as a necessity not only of worship but of life itself. Moravians have used brass ensembles and bands to accompany worship since their earliest years. Beginning in the early 18th century, evangelical Moravian settlements in America used the trombone choir (German: Posaunenchor) as distinctive part of worship. The newly formed Moravian Trombone Choir playing this morning is part of the FPCB Trombone ministry, Posaunen. The choir consists of bass, tenor, and alto, and soprano trombones. Because soprano trombones are so obsolete flugelhorns are a practical substitution. The choir is playing original Moravian hymn arrangements and compositions.

1 A Sacred Suite - Jeffrey Reynolds

Video: A Sacred Suite-Jeffrey Reynolds
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