First Presbyterian Church Bellevue

Chancel Choir Ensemble

Soli Deo Gloria Concert
Joseph by Alicia Lewis
Ross Hauck, tenor
Robert Barnett, narrator
Ji Youn, violincello
& FPCB Ensemble
January 30, 2011

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  • Joseph - Into Redemption - Alicia Lewis - the last movement from the live recording at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue
  Kyrie Eleison! Have Mercy!
God of our Father Abraham.
God of our Father Isaac,
God of our Father Jacob, Have Mercy!

Forgive our sins as we forgive!

You answered us in our distress,
And have given us success;
You are ever near to bless, in mercy!

You always give to us a song;
You heal our hearts and make us strong;
You take us all where we belong, in mercy!

Your mercy falls like the rain!

Psalm 40 - Robert Barnett, narrator

My help is all laid up above;
Thy nature and thy name is Love!
  This movement posted with the permission of Alicia Lewis, composer.  Thank you!

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